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Wall Hung Washbasin Flux from Sanindusa – an uncomplicated statement of your style

Sanindusa Flux wall hung washbasin
So smart, so simple – it’s surprising that the original Flux wall hung washbasin from Sanindusa hasn’t been thought of before. The water drains, naturally, elegantly, with the force of gravity, running down the slanting sides of the washbasin. At the bottom of the sink, where the two angled edged would meet, there is instead a gap. That thin slit lets the water out – nothing more, nothing less. The Flux wall hung washbasin is available with an option to install taps on the wall above, or on the basin itself. Also, it can come with an extended top that allows an integrated waste bin for both hygiene and pulled-together style. The waste bin is housed in a gorgeous wooden cupboard which opens for quick and easy disposal – ideal for either home or business use. For more on the Flux: contact Sanindusa.
Sanindusa Flux wall hung vanity with open drawer

Sanindusa Flux wall hung vanity and basin


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