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Waterfall Faucet from Bongio – the Riva above or below

bongio waterfall faucet riva 1 Waterfall Faucet from Bongio   the Riva above or below
The extraordinary design of the Riva Waterfall Faucet from Bongio obliterates preconceptions of what a faucet should look like. A large smooth plane of stainless steel glistens as water flows over it from an integral outlet – giving a new edge of style to the concept of a waterfall faucet. The clever approach of the Riva enhances one’s sensory perception of the cascading water, but does not fail to highlight the gorgeous design of the faucet itself. The angularity and linear aspects of the faucet are softened by the molded water outlet. In an interesting twist, the faucet can be installed so the water either issues from above (over the flat surface) or jettisons out in a stream from below. From Bongio, the Riva goes well beyond the expected.
bongio waterfall faucet riva 3 Waterfall Faucet from Bongio   the Riva above or below




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