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Walk-in-Shower from Kermi – the latest trend in shower enclosures

With the walk-in shower concept from Kermi, the evolution of shower design has now reached the point where “enclosure” has become a relative term. This free standing shower enclosure has expanded the notion of traditional shower design as walls have been removed to reveal a new perspective on the once confined act of showering. This system features thick glass panels with a delicate, translucent finish that allows a warm glow of light to filter through. Thick, opaque walls have been brought down to open the shower onto the room, allowing free access and expanding the vista into the adjacent space. This system can adapt to a variety of situations as it can be supported by stable ceiling supports, rear wall support, and wall fixing hardware. This unique product can be customized to fit the particular conditions of your bathroom and features only the best materials to ensure safety and durability. Kermi


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