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Walk-in shower ideas that bring you a Zen feel

We all know and love a standalone tub. However, for many, that is not an option. For those that want to relax and have a walk-in shower, we have put together a guide on how to create that Zen feel even with a walk-in shower. Furthermore, these ideas work exceptionally well for those that want to enhance their bathroom’s calming aesthetic.

Classic Black & White

Working with classic shades work best when you have a smaller bathroom as it helps embrace the room’s overall size.

Is there is anything more classic than using the hues, black and white? Maybe there is, however, these two shades are as relaxing as it gets. Furthermore, bring in a traditional, classic, touch by keeping the entire room in the black and white color palette but with an intricate touch. The intricate touch being using double showerheads. Having two shower heads enables you to shower with someone else without feeling cluttered or fighting who needs the hot water first.

Dark Veined Marble

Veining adds a little something extra to your marble as it makes it become twice as enchanting with a dose of charm.

Tiles are always a winner in any area of the home, they make sense, they make the room feel unique and they bring color. Making them perfect for those that want a little something extra while still drawing the eye in. Bring in dark veined marble and allow it to be the main focus of your bathroom. Not only will it be relaxing, but it will make the area seem as sleek and put together as possible.

Creative Neutrals

Keeping it neutrals works do to making the room feel fresh, larger and even sleeker all at once.

For a peaceful touch bring in nude hues. Nudes are not only great to have but they work well with multiple shades and allow you to bring peace overall. For a bit of a unique flair get creative with your neutrals. Getting creative means you can blend multiple neutral shades and give it that contrasting bit.

Charming Contemporary

Whether you use tiles that match your decor, or you want to step out of the box the idea is to give the room a contemporary feel that’s ever-evolving.

Though the year has started with an array of new trends, there is one thing that will remain the same- everyone wants to relax while still having the best aesthetically pleasing display possible. With that being said, what better way to bring a contemporary twist than to display two different types of tiling. You want to take contemporary to the next level without taking away from the main focus of the room which is the walk-in shower. To do that, create charm by bringing two different colors that are contemporary and chic all at once.

Green Marble

Work in blue tiles to embrace the space overall, and give it almost an underwater feel that makes the bathroom come to life.

Bring green marble into your shower for a bit of a fresh touch. Furthermore, it gives you a warming effect, which almost makes you feel as if you are outdoors. If you want to take it a step further add a plant or two in the bathroom and allow the steam to make it grow. Not a lot of people know about this, but plants make excellent decorating items in bathrooms, as they love the humidity and enchant the space all at once.

Minimal Box

Having a simple shower works because it allows you to work around it without taking away from what the room appears overall.

When in doubt, always consider going the minimal route. Even if it’s just your walk-in shower that is minimal, keep it sleek for that bit that makes sense to the room. Furthermore, keep the shower as crisp and clean as possible for that bold touch that embraces the room’s natural feel. Your shower shouldn’t disappear in the background, but it shouldn’t be in your face either. It should feel new and fresh every time.

Unique Details

For a fresh and sleek appearance change the door to your shower. Doing so will make the room feel fresh and unique.

Sometimes all a Zen room needs is a unique detail to bring it to life. Keeping that in mind, bring forth the idea of using multiple colors inside of your shower. Doing so brings a unique flair while enabling you to have that Zen space. Work with contrasting hues that will make the room have the perfect balance between rich and subtle. Furthermore, it’s refreshing and unexpected.

Garden Touch

If you can’t work with a garden wallpaper and have a great view, embrace it and fall in love with it all over again.

What better way to bring a Zen approach, then to add a natural feel. Do so, by bringing in a garden infused wallpaper. The more floral touches your wallpaper has the better. You want the room to feel as immersed in a calm spirit as possible. Having this display will not only bring a new worldly effect, but it will further enhance the room’s natural flow throughout.

Brass Elements

Work with one brass element and embrace the color in the entire room. It’s all about making the room smaller, yet sleeker but cohesive.

Bring brass into the room for an intricate look. It’s all about making the room feel modern. Bring it to your shower space by adding it in with the fixtures. Doing so will add that hint that makes the room feel fresh and new. Consider using hues of bronze, rose gold or gold for the perfect sleek approach. It adds a hint of color while still being comfortable with the aesthetic that is displayed throughout.

Bold Wallpaper

For a bold touch, work with a colorful wallpaper. It makes the room feel brand new with just a hint of spice.

Getting a bold wallpaper in the bathroom works due to how expansive it can make the room feel. It’s all about embracing the space and having that sleek touch. Furthermore, if you have the rest of the bathroom, neutral, you will never feel as if you are missing out on anything. Thus ensuring the space has a welcoming touch that is just as modern yet put together as possible. Consider it one of the best forms of adding personality right where it matters most.

Having a walk-in shower works quite well, but making it Zen can work just as well. Which of these ideas are you intrigued to try?


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