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Vintage Country Cottage with Clear Finished Wood Interiors

Located on Wombat Hill, near Melbourne, Australia, 33A Camp Street House is a two storey home that overlooks South Wester while at the same time it has a closed and private garden surrounded by both a rock wall and an evergreen hedge. Contained within the low maintenance private garden is a raised vegetable garden and an outdoor lounge area. The cottage is currently for sale at Real Estate Australia.

While the vegetable garden is in the back of the property, the outdoor lounge area is just off of side of the home, next to the covered porch.
The covered porch runs the width of the home and from the far side the panoramic views of South Wester are breathtaking.
The porch leads to a concrete terrace where a second outdoor lounge area can be set up to enjoy the views beyond and while a series of doors opens from the porch to the home, the main entrance is off of this concrete terrace.
Both sets of doors open to the dining area, which, like the rest of the home’s interior, is completely clad in clear finished wood. This main level of the home is where the dining room, kitchen and bathroom are located.
The kitchen runs the length of the windowless wall and features an ESSE wood oven set on top of a slate hearth. A slate pony wall retains the heat to the stove zone and away from the vintage cabinetry next to it. While the stove and cabinets have a rustic aesthetic, the fridge is a contrasting contemporary industrial moment.
As with the kitchen, the bathroom is a rustic country setting complete with claw foot tub and just like the kitchen, there is a contrasting element of a contemporary vessel trough sink and wall mounted faucet on top of a vintage vanity. The look is charming, quaint and completely relaxing.
A stairwell leads to the second floor and this is the location of the home’s bedroom. There are no other room’s upstairs and with no walls this bedroom has windows overlooking all four sides of the home.
The large windows at the end of the bedroom are located over the main entrance and look out over the countryside while the dormers opposite the bed overlook the vegetable garden.
The picturesque site is 1400sq meters meaning there is plenty of room to expand or subdivide with approval of the council and with Melbourne close by, the 33A Camp Street House is the perfect weekend or vacation retreat.
33A Camp Street House


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