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Utterly Unique Space-Saving Suspended Bed With Skylight Views

Located in London, this one-of-a-kind bed makes the most of the apartment it’s in. Taking full advantage of high ceilings and a large industrial skylight on the top-floor flat, it saves floorspace by literally floating above the heads of those in the living room. A novel solution, the bed also adds eye-level definition to the space, with its steps creating a chalkboard wall nook bordering the room’s furniture. The suspended bed’s rectangular structure draws the eyes upwards, accenting the height of the apartment’s ceilings, and also opens up the space by removing the need for a traditional bedroom. Because of its high, central position in the room, the bed sits directly under a window and offers direct views of British sky. It’s an elegant, cozy, and functional solution to a problem plaguing city residents worldwide.

The concept of the floating bed arose from the space limitations of this ultra-compact abode, an apartment so small that its bathtub is in the dining room and its office, bedroom, and living room are a single combined space. The hanging structure is an attention-getting solution to a serious problem for the owner of the home. To keep the design chic, a chalkboard is built into the office side of the staircase.
Though the stairs themselves do take up some space, that’s nothing compared to the size of a traditional bed. Not even a single-size bed would have as small an impact on square footage as the staircase does, and the stairs are matched in style to furniture in the office area. You can see that the stairs lead up beyond the bed itself because the skylight windows are retractable, opening up onto the building’s roof. That’s not something you’d want to test on a rainy day, but for summertime relaxation a private rooftop is hard to beat.
The large glass-paned skylight is one of the most attractive features of this high-ceilinged flat, so the design of the bed structure takes careful care not to obstruct that natural light source. It hangs low enough to let light into the home, but high enough to keep sleeping quarters far above the head of the average person. This open-air design also gives those in the bed the ability to look down into their apartment if need be.
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