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UsTogether Line Tub & Sink – newest contemporary bathroom range

Sharp British/Irish design collective UsTogether brings us the newest contemporary bathroom range in the form of this mind-boggling tub and sink. The UsTogether line tub and sink are perfect for those who value cutting-edge design and something that is not ordinary. The surface is of Hi-Macs acrylic, and can be lit up in many colours (such as the blue shown) due to LED lighting installments. Hand-cut grooves dominate the tub and sink, decreasing in depth as they progress downward, an intriguing feature also highlighted with the LED lighting. All water fixtures are hidden from view to maintain the ultramodern aspect of the furniture – the bath fills with a waterfall flowing over the surface of the light panel. Removing the superfluous to emphasise the strength of the design is the clearly priority. The innovative UsTogether bathroom range is available directly from the designers: UsTogether.


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