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Urban Residence with Terrace Structure

This urban home is located in a gated community in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Architect Marcelo Sodré has tired to make the most of the available corner plot and quite steep slope. He also wanted to satisfy the owners’ need for a layout that would promote the interaction of the residents, as well as for a timeless design that would preserve its modernity over the years. The retained design was the one that counteracted the unfavorable characteristics of the topography and maximized its utilization. Thus a terraced structure took shape, starting from the lowest level of the interior courtyard and going up to the street level and higher to the top floor level. There is a vertical hierarchy of the functions as well, starting with utility/service spaces on the lower floor, the social area on the ground floor and the intimate, night space on the upper floor. The entrance walkway and the back courtyard complete the design, creating a good balance between indoors and outdoors for an urban environment. The various terraces are covered with vegetation of different heights, ranging from lawn to small bushes and higher trees. One important feature of the design is the visual openness of the ground floor, whose sliding glass walls allow for the indoors to merge with the outdoors. On the street corner, a stone wall creates the first terrace level protecting the house at the same time.

The privacy of the entrance and of the upper floor is protected by slatted wood facades. These facades slide or fold open when necessary to create access or to let the light in.
The ground floor is characterized by wide open spaces and by the lack of visual barriers between indoors and outdoors. This layout favors social interaction and encourage the maximum utilization of the space.
The private quarters are protected against views by rich curtains. The caramel wood of the floors and furniture create a warm and cozy interior, despite the minimalistic design approach.



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