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Innovative Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Office

Staying focused and motivated is key when you are working in your home office. Then again, we get it office work is boring and many times it can be long and dreadful. Especially, when you are working without having anyone breathing down your neck about deadlines.

Therefore, many of us tend to slack and might even become bored with the décor in our office space. Particularly if you spend hours in the same office space every day. In order to bring your office back to life, and make you feel inspired once again you want to give it an upgrade. A fresh new look for your office can be just what you need. These innovative ways to upgrade the look of your office can give you back the inspiration you desire.

Add Color

Bland, boring and neutral don’t exactly inspire creativity they don’t inspire much of anything. Therefore, you want to add color to your workspace. Colors have been known to inspire creativity and motivation. Adding a bright color can spice things up and give you back the motivation you seek.

A fresh coat of paint on the walls, a few new paintings, a new rug or even colorful accessories can make all the difference when it comes to adding color to your office. Don’t be afraid of color, if you are consider painting only one wall with a bright color instead of all the walls. This will add a pop of color without completely changing up the color of your office.

Upgrade Your Desk

Think of your desk as the main attraction in your office. Many people consider the desk, they work on as just another piece of furniture. However, when it comes to upgrading the look of your office, you want to upgrade your desk as well. Changing the shape or even the material your desk is made out of can make a complete difference in the appearance of your office without the need of intense remodeling.

Add More Lighting

In order to work properly, you need good lighting. Especially, if you work on your computer for more than 4 hours a day. Instead of having just one light source have multiple different light fixtures. Even consider having a lamp or two that come in unique shapes and/or sizes. A good lamp adds immediate lighting wherever you need it.

Plants and Greenery

Adding plants to your office has been found to help increase productivity by 15%. Therefore, if your main reason for upgrading your office space is because you lack motivation you may want to add some plants and/or greenery items in your office. Choose a plant that does not need much maintenance or sunlight. The plant should enhance your space not add another item to your to do list.

Upgrade Your Office Supplies

There is something so fun about changing and upgrading your office supplies. Changing your office supplies is a subtle yet effective way to upgrade the look of your office. Maybe change your office supplies to all metals such as gold or even rose gold for an upscale look.

Elevate Your Computer to Eye Level

Many of us will find that as the day goes by we tend to hunch over the computer. Elevating your computer will solve this problem almost immediately. By bringing the computer you use to eye level you will keep your shoulders and back straight the entire time as well as giving your office a cool look.

Create An Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are excellent to have in an office space. This brings not only goals into the space, but they additionally provide a sense of productivity and personality. Likewise, it be a great way to add color and texture to your office.

Bring Positive Energy

Any work space or even any space in a home can benefit of bringing positive energy to it. Crystals are an excellent way to do just that. They tend to bring a positive vibe everywhere they are placed. They have even better known for increasing productivity in the workplace. If you do not believe in the healing power of Crystals, consider using them as a luxurious paperweight instead of a decorative aspect.

Work may be work, but that doesn’t mean your office space needs to be boring and monotone. Instead, consider upgrading your work space to better suit your daily needs. Maybe you will feel more inspired and create something you love.


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