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Funky Modern Furniture by Fama

Looking through the modern furniture at Fama, we can’t help but describe some of the pieces as funky and unusual. For example, La Caracola (above) is a fancy seat, which also provides you with a table surface for casual tasks. Wouldn’t it make the perfect telephone table?

Pauline is a chaise lounge with a front wheel, for easy maneuverability, so that that you may lounge where you please.
How many of you have a chair in your bedroom, whose sole purpose is to hold the clothes you are too lazy to hang up at the end of a long day? Or worse, how many of you have a designated corner on the floor for this? Well, Galan provides the perfect solution. Its shape is great for holding those clothes, wrinkle free, while also serving as a seat and storage unit, thanks to the hollow seat.
Even though the colors and patterns tend to be really vibrant and dramatic, it seems they always provide a more subtle version of all their pieces as well – this way no one has to miss out on the comfort and functional benefits of these items. The design team at Fama pride themselves on developing designs from new and original ideas. It’s very clear that some insightful thought went into creating these designs. The result is hip, modern furniture, that also facilitates living. Visit Fama to learn more.


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