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Unusual Shaped House with Glass Facades in German Garden

This unusual shaped house in Berlin isn’t your typical traditional family home. German firm Pott Architects incorporated an unusual exterior with flexible interiors that could grow and evolve as the family does in the future.
The 3,000-sq.-ft. home won’t easily fade into the background – a serene garden setting – thanks to its interesting sloping profile and glass facades that, when lit up inside, make for an instant attention-grabber.

A sunken entrance leads down stairs and into the foyer, beyond which lies a great layout ideal for family living, entertaining and stealing a few minutes to yourself. While interiors appear as an open layout, walls and sliding doors help provide privacy when needed – essential for family living. The main floor is occupied by clean, contemporary-style cooking, dining and lounging areas, open to above and topped by a sloped ceiling that follows the home’s distinctive roofline.
A small set of stairs is the perfect showcase for a modern suspended fireplace feature, while leading you up to the living area and the parents’ private master bedroom.
Further upstairs, the kids’ bedrooms and play area are out of sight, out of mind (and out of hearing range!).
The home’s neutral palette throughout adds to its restful aesthetic, complemented by the many windows overlooking the lush, green garden just outside.
Pott Architects
via Freshome


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