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Unusual Interior Door Disguises as a Fridge

When a Londoner living in Italy wanted to have decor that reminded him of London lofts, having the Smeg fridge was one of the obvious choices. Except that it only looks like a fridge but actually is a door into another room. What a totally unexpected idea! In his place, there are other interior doors that are no less unusual, such as these Eclisse Syntesis Battente systems. They are integrated doors, designed to be installed flush with the wall and without frames. Since there is no door molding, you can hardly spot these cool doors at all. And that is where you thought Zebra painted on the door comes handy. You thought wrong. Zebra is there to trick the eye, to deflect attention, so that the observer doesn’t realize that there’s a door behind. What a tricky place. Now … if refrigerator is a door then where is the real refrigerator?
Via: Archello.

The kitchen looks normal to an unsuspected observer.


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