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Unique Urban Home with Clever Nooks

Architects take their cues from many muses – in the case of Roll House, they looked beyond the walls, so to speak. The long, narrow property in this urban area exaggerates the long lines of the home, adding drama to the design. Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon on this unusual plot of land: “The proportion was dramatic and therefore something that added to the appeal of the project, and the shape of the site itself breathed a vital energy into the building.” An open interior is colored by interesting architectural features, like sloping ceilings overhead and staggered levels underfoot, along with some unexpected playful elements throughout. For more information, visit Moon Hoon.

The house has a bold street presence, catching the eye with its asymmetrical shape, strong horizontal direction and angled lines that naturally lead the eye down the busy street.
Asymmetrical windows echo the unique shape of the house itself.
Interiors enjoy an open concept layout, with living areas defined by different levels within the open plan.
The central level is finished in dramatic wood treatment on the floor and walls, visually highlighting the area without separating it from the rest of the space.
The large window graces the wall overlooking the main living area, and is arguably more intriguing than a piece of art could ever be.
This is the perfect spot to sit and watch the world go by…
The stairway maximizes space with built-in shelves.
A playful and unexpected element is this mesh lounging area, great for reading, napping, chatting, whiling away the day with a buddy.
This fun flop zone is tucked beneath a skylight, flooding the floor below with natural light while putting this under-ceiling space to good use.
Another vertical nook is transformed into a ring swing. Check this out!
A flash of red catches your eye through the glass at the top of the stairs.
The bold use of color turns the underside of the roof folds into a vibrant, dramatic nook.
In contrast to the rest of the home, which is sleek and refined, this pressed wood room has a humble, utilitarian quality – but for the contemporary lighting integrated into the ceiling.
Last but not least, this alcove is transformed into a bathtub nook.
Visit Moon Hoon for additional info.


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