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Unique Flooring Design by Kimihiko Okada

If there ever was a home with an unique flooring design worth seeing, it’s this one. It appears they laid some stone slabs into a concrete flooring. What a cool effect, right? Notice how the same design continues outdoors, blending interiors with the exterior. It’s a great way to create added interest to a space. This unique home was designed by Kimihiko Okada for a retiree who was now looking forward to spending all his time on his hobbies. The rest of the house is modern and interesting as well. We love how the dining area can be enclosed by sliding panel doors, which allows for a certain versatility and freedom that is so important in interior spaces. Visit the Kimihiko Okada website and take a look at the floor plan – the exterior wall concept is quite intriguing.
photo credit: Toshiyuki Yano



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