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Ultra Modern Loft Idea in LA – luxe loft with a womb-like architecture

This ultra modern Los Angeles, California loft is everything you’d expect from La-La Land – innovative, check; cool, check; contemporary, check; totally beautiful, double-check. Designed by forward-thinking Tighe Architecture, this chic loft was designed as a creative live-work environment occupying one of downtown L.A.’s existing warehouse buildings. There is a peculiarity about the unique design idea that’s hard to describe; a balance, yet a battle is taking place in this 1,400-sq.-ft. space. But as with their design, the architects’ description has hit the nail right on the head. “Two distinct entities are evident in the design,” according to Tighe Architecture. “The angular geometry of the faceted stone-clad monolith stands in contrast to the free-flowing, organic, elliptical-shaped room. Through these two pieces a dialogue begins to emerge. Harmony and conflict co-exist within the dichotomous dwelling.” Described as a “womb-like enclosure,” the kitchen is futuristic, yet comforting with its gently sloping walls, which seem to peel away, revealing a bathroom. A raised living area is the workstation by day, and transforms into a luxe lounge by night, ready to entertain residents and guests alike. And last but certainly not least, no modern L.A. home is complete without a spa area, complete with a stylized garden and a floating steel fireplace. Tighe Architecture.



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