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Ultra Modern Kitchen from Miton – new MT700G

Miton kitchen MT700G
The curving lines of the MT700G kitchen from Miton make it an ultra-modern kitchen that is also ultra-approachable! Comfortable to negotiate, the ergonomically pleasing curvatures also lend a fantastic futuristic look. You can choose from a peninsula or an island construction, giving you either one or two circular worktops that incorporate a stovetop and sink. Above the stovetop, a cylindrical fan extends reaches down from the ceiling – a visually impressive and highly practical feature. With lots of storage for all your cooking essentials, the cupboards undulate smoothly into attractively rounded off corners. Neatly fitted stainless steel appliances complement the gorgeous stainless steel worktops. To make a bold statement in your home, try the MT700G kitchen from Miton.
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Miton kitchen MT700G in white
MT700G round island
MT700G curved doors on the island
MT700G built-in appliances

Miton kitchen MT700G in black
MT700G island in black with curved doors
MT700G stainless steel bridge


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