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Two Beautiful Mid Century Living Rooms in One House: Indoor and Outdoor

There are two beautiful mid-century living rooms in this one house – one indoors and one outdoors. And it gave the designer two separate spaces to work with. Palm Springs-based H3K Design has done a marvelous job with each of them. The indoor room focus is that incredibly 1950s hanging lamp, but it doesn’t overwhelm. It does, certainly, set the style. The pillows provide a great pop of color, and tie in the upholstered chairs. The colors are picked up again in the decorative glass on the console table – but the devil is truly in the details. Do you see that even the books they have chosen to casually display are monochromatic, with splashes of yellow?

And outdoors, the pillows once again provide the color splash to break the monotones. And again, they are yellow – the accent color of choice throughout the home. Not just the pillows either – but the rolled up towels on the loungers and the glass bottles on the table continue the flow. What a contemporary, clean space they’ve created here. And with just enough excitement in color to keep it interesting, without losing the stunning minimalist effect. Less is clearly more in this Palm Springs mid-century oasis.
Via: HomeDSGN


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