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Chic, trendy Kitchen island upgrades that instantly refresh the room

Due to everything that is happening in the world, most of us seem to be having to step back and remain home as much as possible. With that being said, due to many of us being quarantined, there seems to be an itch in the air to redecorate. This is why we have put together a guide on chic, trendy kitchen island upgrades that will inspire you to rearrange and fall in love with your kitchen space once again. These are the latest chic, trendy kitchen islands that will inspire you instantly.

Pepper Granite

Keep it chic and charming by using shades of white that enhance your pepper granite island

For those that have never heard of pepper granite, it is similar to marble but with an edge. Pepper granite is traditionally darker in color and a bit more textured. Having the darker hue enables you to mix it with richer shades such as black and even brown. Furthermore, pair it with light shades to truly fall in love with creating a contrast in the room. Consider a smaller island with some level within, to create a modern approach.

Navy with Tiling

Keep the tiles to a minimum to ensure you get the most out of the room while ensuring the navy island you use remains the main focus.

When it comes to the kitchen, tiles are the number one material to use. They come in multiple colors, textures, and even hues. Furthermore, you can combine multiple tiles and create a custom approach. It’s all about taking your décor to the next level, what better way to do just that than to bring in a darker hue. Contrary to popular belief black is not the only dark shade you can use. Consider bringing in hues of navy, army green and even taupe. These shades not only work well, but they add an edge that makes sense. Work it in with some tiling and you will instantly notice how much grander the room will appear.

Defy Gravity

Use only two stools to ensure the gravity-defying element of your island is showcased throughout.

We love the idea of going the modern route. It not only makes the room feel unique, but it gives it character right where you want it most. Having a gravity-defying island works due to it, causing a visual impact immediately. It will instantly cause your eyes to focus on that area. Furthermore, it will cause you to embrace the rest of the room, particularly if you have a smaller space. Add two stools and you will be all set.

Two is Better than One

Bring in two large islands to make the room feel as chic and charming as possible. It’s all about making the room feel as unique as possible.

The simple act of having a kitchen island can make a big impact; however, having two can truly take over the room in the best way possible. It’s all about making the room feel new and fresh with just a hint of beauty. Work with two identical islands and allow the room to feel as cohesive as possible with a slight edge. Subsequently, consider working them together with a slight division between the two for a divided chicness. Work with fun stools to complete the modern look.

Butcher Block

The larger the butcher, block the grander effect it will have in the room.

If you are in the market for something new and fresh, with a bolder look a butcher block island is a way to go. Having a butcher block kitchen island works due to it, allowing you to have a large piece that makes a statement without taking away from the room. In fact, due to its massive size, this style of a kitchen island can come in handy when you are hosting an array of guests and when you want to create a rustic approach. Combine your butcher block with rustic stools for the perfect pairing.

Go Vintage

Keep the vintage approach by only having exactly what you want and need on the table.

A vintage island table could be perfect for those that want to bridge the gap between rustic décor and modern. It’s all about making a statement without having to take over the entire room. Work in bits of cozy elements to truly embrace the room, without taking away from what you already have. Consider it being the perfect contrast between being vintage and being casual. It’s all about having a washed, touch that makes the room feel chic and fresh.

Reclaimed Wood

Use multiple shades of reclaimed wood to make a bold statement right where you like it most. Keep it chic by using hints of white.

There is always an element of charm that happens when you use wood. Whether its reclaimed wood, vintage wood or both, the idea is to use the wood as a warming element. Furthermore, we recommend reclaimed wood when you have a smaller space that needs a cozy appeal with a chic twist. It’s all about making the room come to life in a modern type of way. Keep it minimal, to ensure the wood makes the room feel alive.

Light Gray

Work with darker shades of gray for the perfect contrast that makes the room feel chic and charming

Whether you prefer lighter hues or darker ones, having a cohesive display is always a good idea, especially if you are using shades of gray. Take into consideration how expansive shades of gray can be, particularly when you use the same shade continuously. Work with hues of white to make the room come back to life and give it a grand feel that is chic and charming all at once.

White and Black Marble

The grander your marble the easier it will be to display everything you need and want to have

Every kitchen could make great use of marble. Marble is an excellent material to use due to how much texture and character are weaved in. It’s almost as if this specific material will instantly make the room come to life. The key is working with two or more textured marbles, such as black and white. The contrast itself will brighten the room instantly.


Bring in black stools to create a contrast that makes the room feel new and charming every time

When in doubt, of what color to paint your kitchen consider white. White will always be a top favorite due to how expansive and minimal it can be. Furthermore, the color itself can instantly brighten a room. Work with a white kitchen island to complete the look. Pair it with color stools to truly make some sort of contrast that makes the room feel as chic and modern as possible.

To create the perfect chic island, it’s all about making the room feel new and fresh. Which of these islands are you most excited to try in your home? Share with us your island ideas, and dreams below.


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