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10 Spring Trends To Spruce Up Your Space

Spring is finally here! Which means it is time to spruce up the home and add a few key elements that will bring the cheery season directly into the home. The key is working with fun, trendy that are currently all the rage. Here are the latest Spring trends that will bring your home back to life.


Embellishments are easy to incorporate but they are not as easy to find. One of the easiest forms of adding a textured embellished furnture piece in your living room is by having a tufted ottoman. They are useful, easy, and work well in any room.

Embellishments are coming back with a beautiful vengeance. Fringe, feathers, tassel and/or tufting are all here to stay. This trend adds a feminine touch with a hint of handmade while still being modern. They will be seen on curtains, cushions, bedding and even in accent pieces. Pair them well with simple pieces to allow the embellishments to make the necessary statement.

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric patterns do not need to be bold and in your face, they can be soft and subtle too. The key is using a neutral hue in the repetitive pattern. Doing so will enhance the space without messing with your decor. Keep it simple for the best outcome. 

Even though we did see geometric patterns back in 2017 as a main staple, it was mostly seen on rugs and even cushions. However, this year it is all about a geometric wallpaper, art pieces, and tiles. Geometric makes a huge statement, especially in the bathroom area. The key is working with a bold hue and pattern that adds to the space.

Indigo Blue

Indigo blue is perfect for the dining room area especially when it is paired with darker furniture. Dark furniture will bring out the space while still making the room look sophisticated can elegant. Combine your flooring with your walls for the ultimate perfecting appeal.

As an homage to pastels indigo blue is the hue to look out for. It’s the perfect pairing color that will accentuate any hue, it is paired with while still being strong enough to stand on its own. Pick different shapes, textures, and pieces to pair together. Consider adding the color as an accessory with cushions, flowers, and/or glass.

Ombre touch

Ombre comes in multiple different variations including watercolor, bold colors, soft color or even shapes. The key is having a perfect blend of colors working together to make the perfect ombre effect. Use in a simple room to bring that touch of texture and/or color.

This year ombre is taking over in a unique format. It will be seen on the wall, with numerous different color combinations, on sheets, even on wallpapers. Choose one color wave and added relative pieces that make sense and bright the ombre shades together.

Bold Hues

Take adding pops of color to the next level with a colorful, bold seating area in any room of your home. Pair it with patterned cushions for a unique contemporary space that makes sense. Add a few neutral pieces to bring it all together.

Bold pops of color is taking over the scene because of its contemporary feel. It brings a bright touch to everything and anyplace it is displayed on. Work into a bold hue into a simple room to brighten it up and make the room look put together.

Ice Cream Hues

Ice cream hues work well put together when you add metallics or a few neutral pieces that will balance the brightness the colors give off. The key is adding multiple different colors that fall under the same umbrella while still being unique and trendy.

Bold yet pastel is the perfect way to describe ice cream hues. There is no need to wait for Spring or Summer to incorporate key pieces in these fun hues. Why use one ice cream color when you can use 2-3? The key is working them in and giving them the spotlight, they deserve.

Bold in Gold

Adding gold pieces to the home is trendy, fun, and pairs well with multiple different hues especially shades of blue, pink, green and bronze. These colors will bring out the neutral yet brightness that is naturally in the color gold.

Last year metallics took the spotlight this year we are staying in the same color family, yet we are going in the gold direction. It’s softer than silver and it makes a deeper, richer statement. Add gold detailing around the home for that hint of beauty. Use shades of blue for a well put together look.

Go Tropical

Take it a tropical direction with wooden furniture pieces perfectly laid out with bold accent pieces. Doing so will bring that vacation feel directly to your background space. The key is working tropical textures and hues into one simple space. Shades of green and blue work best.

Going tropical is always a good idea, especially for the warmer months. Pair bold hues with gold bits for a tropical feel. We love taking this idea outdoors for the ultimate tropical feel and display right in the comfort of your own home. Greenery will work perfectly with this trend.

Shimmery Flooring

Shimmery carpets are great because they appeal put together but have a hint of hidden femininity. The key is using a light colored carpet and pair it with multiple different hues to bring the carpet full circle. You want that natural feel that is still one of a kind.

The latest trend when it comes to carpets is switching the ones you already have an adding a shimmery touch. The key is working with a carpet in a lighter hue and having it have a shimmery effect to it. Not only does this look beautiful, but it will bring an element of intricacy to any area it is placed.

Plants and more Plants

Take your plants one step further and create an entire wall of natural plants. Doing so will bring the entire space a neutral almost outdoorsy feel that makes sense. The key is work with neutral hues that allow the greenery to be the highlight of the home. 

Plants are essential during the warmer months because they bring that airy feel to any area they are placed in. The key is having them displayed in numerous different places. Hang them on a plant display or even have them on a window to bring the outdoor space indoors.

Which of these trends will you be trying at home? Please share with us in the comments below.


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