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Translucent stone panels from Fiberstone Glass – backlit natural stone

Your appreciation for the unique detail present in nature could not be better expressed in your home than in a spectacular translucent stone panel from Fiberstone Glass. The translucent stone panels can be used as a gorgeous, yet practical, dividing wall… or as a decorative backlit natural stone element… both to great effect. Ornamental translucent crystalline marble (or any other type of stone) is made into very thin panels and reinforced with glass, providing the delicate marble with an enduring finish suitable for a wide variety of uses. Consider the dramatic effect of an exquisite illuminated floor or ceiling, revealing the fine markings characteristic of natural stone. The translucent stone panels are likewise appropriate for furniture, work surfaces, doors and light fixtures – your imagination is the only limit to the versatility of backlit natural stone from Fiberstone Glass.


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