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Towel warmer from Purmo – Yarmy LED warmer

The Yarmy towel warmer from Purmo proves that practical elements for the home can indeed be works of art. The towel holder is bound to take a place of pride on the wall and become a focal point in its own right. Bringing warmth and style, the Yarmy is a radiator that manages to make a big impact whilst keeping a low profile. The bottom half is metal inside with a white matt plastic finish, whereas the top half of the towel warmer makes great use of the technology of LED lighting to emit a bright and welcoming light. This unique combination of heat and light is a complementary contrast which would accent any modern interior – the Yarmy can be used in other rooms than the bathroom as well. Priced at EUR €1700 (or 2,499 US$), this towel warmer from Purmo is an ingenious addition of style and warmth for your home.


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