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Toilet Seat Covers from Pressalit – unboring the boring toilet seats

“Nobody said that a toilet seat has to be white.” Toilet seat covers from Pressalit bring the unexpected playfulness to otherwise boring monochrome toilets. Always on a lookout for new and exciting ideas, the designers at Pressalit are not afraid to experiment and often go against the flow … they don’t do it to be different, but because they just cannot help themselves. Their unique motivation results in many innovative designs. Pressalit toilet seat covers are available in many different colors and shapes – a few proposed designs as well as actual available products are shown here. To minimize impact on nature, their wooden seats are made from wood harvested in sustainable forests. The covers close silently using the soft close mechanism. And they are made to last too as they come with a 10-year-guarantee. Visit Pressalit to see all available designs.
Pressalit Football 799 design is available with “black and white football panels on the cover and a grass green ring seat”.
‘Love’ design in Cherry is a heart-shaped toilet seat in moulded wood. Available with or without initials.

Square 758 in black and silver, Lime 277 and Flame 155 are other interesting seat designs.


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