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Timber Bathroom by Omvivo

Designed by Thomas Coward of Omvivo, this striking timber bathroom suite blends timber and stone for a modern minimalist bathroom style. The Latis collection features clean lines and contemporary finishes that promote relaxation by bathing you in simple pleasures. But luxury is not far behind. Named after the Celtic Goddess of Water, the Latis bathroom collection includes round and rectangular basins, a trestle vanity and a stunning deep bath that invites you to soak away the cares of the day. The centerpiece of the collection, this rectangular soaker tub features the signature timber and stone finish, with built-in shelving at one end and chic diagonal lines that hint at the ultra-modern while maintaining a timeless style. The stone basins are set atop wood tables with wood or stone storage shelves underneath. Check out this timber bathroom by visiting Omvivo
via Dezeen



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