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Three-showerhead Shower by Frattini – Do.Re.Mi

They say three’s a crowd, but we think this three-showerhead shower by Frattini is just right. Dubbed the Do.Re.Mi (what a smart name!) this contemporary, eco-friendly design by architect Paolo Bertarelli seems to have it all, right down to its sleek, ultra-modern look. Made of steel and brass, each showerhead in this trio is a separate piece that can be installed as desired. Mount one, two or three showerheads to the wall or ceiling for the full custom-shower experience. But there are more “threes” to come: this shower comes in three sizes (500, 400 and 300mm) and features three functions: rain, whirlpool and full dual blow. Getting the “home spa” feel is easier than you think! Check out this three-showerhead shower by Frattini.



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