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This Black Wire Wall Art and Decor is Stunning

This black wire wall art/décor is stunning, isn’t it? The wall art, the pendant lights, even the chairs all have a common bond. They are black wire-based construction. The dining room table is even pulled into the design with its black metal legs. And notice how the table is made. It looks like those 4×4 beams were just slid into the end brackets to fit snugly (we’re sure there’s something else helping along the way). As a matter of fact, everything in this kitchen is cleverly made. The metal wire wall art is a world map – did you notice? And the owners have added small photos related to places on the map – presumably memories of places they have traveled. That is very cute. And the exposed brick on the left also contributes to the creation of such a vibrant space. Brick always adds such a creative, urban touch. Designed by Widawscy Studio Architects in Polland, we think this room is just about perfect.

Via: HomeDSGN


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