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This Alaskan Log Cabin Tower House Looks Like a Dr. Suess Movie Set

But it’s not. It’s a real house, built by Alaska Attorney Phillip Weidner. What started as a 40ft x 40ft log cabin has morphed into eight stories. No, we’re not kidding. It’s in Goose Creek, Alaska, and is known (not surprisingly) as the Goose Creek Tower House. And sometimes, the Dr. Seuss tower. It’s stacked 185 feet high. He can’t go any higher – federal airspace starts at 200 feet (well, ok, maybe one more floor). At the basement level, a hidden escape tunnel leads to a safe room. It’s a very interesting structure. Intriguing, to say the least.
The Goose Creek Tower, as it is known in the area, is in the middle of Alaskan wilderness.

From the top lookout point, you can see 300 miles, 360 degrees.
It really did just start as a simple log cabin. And he kept adding. And adding. And adding.
And finally, our Alaskan lawyer ended up with the Dr. Seuss House.
It really does look like something from a movie set. It should be on an Alaskan tour.
The view is spectacular from the upper levels.
The home is unfinished – and has been for the past 15 years.
The owner is not sure when the home will be finished, but he has a vision.
He plans to put telescope at the top of the house. And a radio station. Broadcasting Radio Free Goose Creek. He’s a bit of an outlier. But it is Alaska, after all.
For more information: Alaska.org


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