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THG Paris Profil Bath Faucets Collection by Jamie Drake

[KBIS 2007 Previews]
A beautiful faucet with a solid weighty design, the stylised cross handles of the THG Paris Profil Faucet create a dramatic graphic statement in bathroom design. The cross handles have a balanced symmetrical design with beautifully rounded ends. Designed by Jamie Drake, each of the Profil’s cross handles features a single piece of inlayed onyx or horn. The faucet spout mirrors the shape of the cross, being a single rectangular form with the softly rounded end over the basin. Beneath these simple shapes, the Profil features complex and sculptural forms. Also available in the Profil collection is a single hole facet, which retains the same spout shape but stacks it atop solid rectangular blocks. Created by THG Paris, the Profil Faucet collection presents exotic materials within sophisticated contemporary geometry.

Profil Cross Handle
Profil Single Hole Faucet
Profil Shower Mixer


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