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Organica Kitchen from Mobalco: for your eco-friendly lifestyle

Mobalco Organica kitchen
The instantly recognisable Organica eco-friendly kitchen from Mobalco represents new ways of thinking about the kitchen which are suitable for our modern times. Incorporated elements specifically consider the way we live now – a bread machine for natural home-baked products, a water purifier to cut your use of plastic bottles, and separate bins for recycling. This considerate thinking means that the Organica kitchen can actually help you do your part for the environment. With the ridged texture of the wooden doors and three unusual cylindrical cooking vent extractors, the look is bang up to date. Stainless steel accents such as the handles and skirting complement the wood. The combination of practicality and style in the Organica Kitchen from Mobalco is sure to bring the health benefits of a more natural, organic way of living to you and your family.
Mobalco Organica kitchen with three cylindrical cooking vent extractors
Mobalco Organica kitchen breadmaker

Mobalco Organica kitchen cooktop


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