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The Lunette Bathtub for Antonio Lupi is a Luxurious Escape from the Norm

The Lunette bathtub for Antonio Lupi is a luxurious escape from the norm. Just imagine yourself sinking into the cocoon of water and suds with a glass of your favorite beverage in hand and candles lighting the way. Called Lunette – French for ‘Little Moon’ – it was designed by Cosetta Muggianu. The curved egg shape makes this tub an ergonomic wonder. You’ll never want to get out! The material is bio-based Cristalplant – low footprint with durability and style. And velvet to the touch – the most inviting bathtub we’ve seen in a while. But that’s not all. Because of its high-walled shape – it can be a shower too! Dual function with all this design – now that’s a tub and a half.



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