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Ergonomic Chair Design by Michael D’amato

The Fluid Ribbon Chair came about when Michael D’amato, a bio-mechanical engineer, was asked by his brother, who had some back problems and sits all day for work, to help design an ergonomic chair that would provide some relief to his situation. D’amato came up with a solid piece design, curved in the right places to provide support to the important parts of the body. But the most important part of this chair is the split in the middle. This allows each side of the chair and therefore body to move independently from the other, promoting continuous small movements even while sitting. Essentially, small, natural and frequent movements is what keeps our joints healthy and lubricated and with this chair, we need not be deprived of that even if we’re sitting. Plus, this chair is super modern and has a very impressive design. Check out D’amato’s Fluid Ribbon Chair video on Kickstarter.



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