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The Daniel Maher Stained Glass

The Daniel Maher Stained Glass Studio creates this beautiful contemporary style stained glass window art. Daniel Maher Studio is where “artists combine new technologies and traditional techniques to capture and bend light with stunning results.” It’s where the centuries old art of glass is created to reflect today’s newest expressions thanks to computer-generated designs. Along with “traditional techniques of lead and copper foil, glass painting, etching and sandblasting”, the masters of stained glass “use beveled, dichroic and hand-blown glass” to create these unique colorful windows. The great craftsmanship is what remains unchanged since the studio was born, and that’s what it takes to restore magnificent stained glass art by the likes of Tiffany and LaFarge. Shown an Ornamental Window that would cost $400 to $700 per square foot depending on the size and complexity. Visit Daniel Maher Stained Glass studio for more Ornamental window designs or to order one.


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