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Texture Designer Ceramics from Olympia Ceramica by Ldesignconcept Studio

Beautiful geometric units that combine basins and vanities into a single unit, the Texture Collection by Olympia Ceramica creates a bold environmental identity. Highly decorative pieces created by Ldesignconcept Studio, the Texture designer ceramics collection offers bright colour and vibrant patterns transforming them into artistic pieces. Featuring a deep circular basin on the left side of the thin vanity top, the high glossy finish continues seamlessly across the whole unit. Patterns like the purple one shown feature silver rings that ripple out from the centre as if caused by a drop of water on a still pond. The second example features a modern pattern of stripes which stretch along the vanity and wrap around the basin. Gorgeous colours in an array of contemporary patterns the Texture Collection by Olympia Ceramica offers designer ceramics that complement a number of bathroom themes.


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