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Teeny Tiny Apartment Cleverly Designed to feel Bright and Spacious

teeny tiny apartment designed bright spacious 1 trees thumb 630xauto 43919 Teeny Tiny Apartment Cleverly Designed to feel Bright and Spacious

From the moment you enter this teeny tiny apartment, its obvious that Lera Curve was not afraid to make bold design statements while at the same time layering in subtle double duty living features. As small as this apartment is, it still has a small foyer with a bright yellow entry door surrounded by a forest of lime green tree graphics. The trees are sliced by two strips of vertical mirrors that appear to be openings to additional rooms but are really just presenting reflections of the social zone.

teeny tiny apartment designed bright spacious 2 foyer thumb 630xauto 43921 Teeny Tiny Apartment Cleverly Designed to feel Bright and Spacious

Opposite the entry door is another yellow door that leads to the apartments bathroom. Between the two doors is a mirrored hall closet with two bullet lights on a track positioned to light it up when open. A fun round blue rug at the entry door represents a small forest pond at the base of the wall trees.


The bathroom creates a division between the foyer and the kitchen and the wall between is the media centre – but also bar seating. A cantilevered counter with 5 drawers runs below the wall mounted TV and it’s a great multi purpose-bar counter, desk space and storage unit all at the same time. As with the tree wall, this wall also has a fun visual of vertical wood planking presented in a white and grey essay.


The kitchen is a white on white visual with pale wood counters. The upper cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling for extra storage and another pair of bullet lights on a track keep the prep space brightly lit. Subway tiles installed in a stacked pattern create the backsplash while a roman blind on the window adds a touch of organic pattern.


The dining table separates the kitchen from the living/sleeping zone and it is positioned between the kitchen window and the terrace door. A fun vignette of a blackboard with 3 cube shelves mounted on it is framed in the same lime green shade represented in the wall trees and the base of the dining table itself. A pair of smoky Lucite chairs lend a transparency that lets the eye travel through them thereby subconsciously increasing the size of the space.


The terrace is fitted with the same roman blinds that are in the kitchen and the batik style leaf pattern continues the forest theme already seen on the walls. The blue shade used within the roman blinds is picked up on the side chair and the ombre area rug in front of the sleeper sofa.


The side chair transforms into an office chair when its time to get to work and a pivoting desk rotates out from its slot within the wall cabinets to create the desk.


When the desk is at right angles to the cabinetry it is right up against the sleeper sofa without one inch to spare.


When the desk is hidden within its slot in the floor to ceiling cabinetry it is barely noticeable, appearing simply as a wood detail to tie in with the two shelves above the sleeper sofa and the wood toned upholstery on the sleeper sofa itself.


The sofa just fits within a void in the wall of cabinets and to create a surface for a book or a cup, Lera Curve eliminated the need for a coffee table by installing two small cantilevered shelves above the arm rests. At night, when the sofa pulls out into a bed there is no need to move a coffee table out of the way.


The bathroom behind the TV is the only other space within the apartment and while it doesn’t continue the forest theme, it is a bright fun space that even features yellow grout between the white floor tiles.


Aside from the predominantly yellow scheme, there are fun pops of orange, blue and green within the cabinetry knobs, towel hangers, floor rugs and counter accessories.


The vanity is a clever design that incorporates a washing machine beneath the sink while still leaving room for 3 drawers of storage. Next to the vanity the shower is filled with a pixelated pattern of yellow and white mosaics that, even though bold and bright, seems to expand the room rather then confine it.


The bathroom is completely tiled, only the ceiling and yellow door are not tiled.

teeny-tiny-apartment-designed-bright-spacious- 15-plan.jpg

When you see the floor plan, it is amazing how small this apartment really is. Lera Curve did an awesome job of creating a big impression within such a tiny space.
Lera Curve
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