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Swoon-Worthy Bookshelves That Push The Boundary On Chic

Whether you’re an avid reader, a lover of books, or simply want to add an additional layer of texture to your décor, adding a bookshelf is one of the best ways to do so. From chic DIY wall mounts to savvy full-on libraries, bookshelves are making a comeback in the most glamorous way. Let us inspire your next bookshelf display that is swoon-worthy with a twist of chic.

Organized Horizontal

Lay your books in a horizontal manner to get the most out of your bookshelf while still being fun to display and have.

Lay your books in a horizontal manner for an organized unformed look. You want to remove the clutter appeal by taking a minimal approach. The fewer books you display the better. Consider your organization first before piling books and books one on top of the other.

Bold Paint

If you want to go the neutral route yet with a colorful route- use shades of blue. Blue works on both fences seamlessly.

Why not bring a pop of color to your room by painting your bookshelf? Your bookshelf doesn’t have to be boring and studious, it can be fun. In order to bring that bit of modern fun consider painting your bookshelf a bright hue. Selecting a daring hue will bring that stark focus exactly where you need it.

Line the Walls

Why have one bookshelf wall when you can have two? Lining your walls with books will ensure you have a cohesive display throughout while having all the greatest love stories in one single space.

Bring a studious approach to your home by lining your walls with large bookshelves. The large bookshelves will create an evolving approach that feels grand yet cohesive in the room. Furthermore, by lining the walls you ensure the room looks and feels as studious as possible, without taking away from your current décor.


To further showcase your masculine display consider having a minimal display of books, but with a grand effect.

If you want to cozy up to a room while bringing a chic charm opt for a wooden bookshelf. Preferably you want to bring on a walnut wood shelf. Walnut wood is great due to how cozy it feels without taking away from the room. The warming effect comes from how natural the wood feels in the room. There’s this sense of beauty, yet almost cabin like aesthetic.

Color Coordination

The best part of having a colorful display is being able to enjoy your color palette. Nonetheless, it allows you to make a statement with a colorful array.

Color coordinate your décor with the books and accessories you have on display. Bringing in some coordination to make the room feel come to life while being cohesive and chic. The idea is to have color as the main focal point of your bookshelves. Furthermore, it creates a sophisticated twist that is simple and elegant.

Accent Lighting

Keep your light fixtures cohesive when you want to bring a more intimate look

Placing light fixtures in between your bookshelf display, to set a comfortable atmosphere that makes you want to read on a regular basis. Furthermore, it creates a chic touch that feels stylish yet fun. If you would rather have an elegant twist while still being modern, consider having multiple different light fixtures.

Pop-up Shelf

Add other fun items to your pop up shelves to create a versatile look that makes the room feel grand

Contemplate having a pop-up bookshelf unit to create a multifunctional focal point. The idea is to create a layered sense of depth and dimension. Furthermore, it allows you to have an area where you can place books and small trinkets that add to your décor.


The more minimal the better. You want to create as much contrast as possible without breaking away from your current style

Try having a minimal approach towards your shelving. You want to consider a sleek and organized display on a minimal bookshelf. The idea is to be as minimalistic as possible while still making sense with your décor. A sleek appearance allows you to have what you need without overbearing the room.

Shabby Chic

Add colorful trinkets to bring a grander approach to your shabby chic decor

Fill your shelves with small trinkets or memorabilia for a chic pairing that is shabby, fun and unique while making the room feel personal to you. You want the room to feel as put together and stylish without overwhelming the room with too many decorative items. Nevertheless, you want to add as many different size bits as you possibly can.

Bring on Color

The bolder your books are the better, and more color, you will get out of your display.

Group your favorite books with the same color palette and have them displayed together. The idea is to bring a colorful display while still being cohesive. You want the room to feel beautifully put together with a sleek twist. Furthermore, the more color you have, the bolder your shelving will appear. Your shelf should feel like the main statement in the room.

Are you interested in having a bookshelf in your home? If so, share with us what your ideas are below.


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