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Sustainable, Prefab and Customizable Kieran Timberlake LivingHome

Sustainable, prefab and fabulous to the nth degree, the Kieran Timberlake LivingHome is a configurable, customizable urban residence designed to meet your needs for fashion and function while doing your part for the environment. This modern eco-chic design is the collaboration between award-winning architect Kieran Timberlake and eco-conscious developer LivingHomes. The KT1 expandable single-family home starts with one bedroom, and by simple virtue of its unique modular extensions, it can grow to a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home of 2,160 sq. ft. Starting at $215 per sq. ft., this contemporary design is certified to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver standards, thanks to a host of eco-friendly features like environmentally preferred and recyclable materials, water-conservation technology, energy-efficient features and an overall Green approach to building. The bottom line, by living in a KT1 home: you’ll save 7,200 kW-h of energy per year, or enough to power this home for two months, a savings of $900 per year; you’ll save 5,100 lbs of CO2-equivalent emissions, which compares to taking your car off the road for five months; and you’ll enjoy a water savings of 97,000 gallons, enough to fill two swimming pools, at $470 per year. Beyond all those alluring aspects, the KT1 home also boasts a contemporary design that any modern family would be proud to call “home.” LivingHomes.



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