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Supernova Tresle Table from Made in Ratio

This Supernova trestle table from Made in Ratio is designed with movement in mind and can be configured in two different orientations — to be either a coffee table or a dining table (or even a desk). Just change the orientation of the supports from vertical to horizontal and voila! Available in multiple color bases, you can mix and match for different styles and assorted glass tops. The parent company, Made in Ratio, works with the finest of European masters and is an award-winning manufacturer. Flexibility and versatility are the keywords of their products, along with the simplistic, modernist style this British design firm is known for. Made in Ratio also produces a Cowrie Chair, molded from a single piece of plywood.
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The Supernova Tresle table is available in different colors with assorted glass tops.
The Cowrie Chair is molded from a single piece of plywood.


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