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Super Modern and Super Lux Soaker Tub: DR by Agape

With free standing soaker tubs taking center stage in today’s bathroom’s, Agape has upped the anti with this curvaceously organic and free flowing design. Called “DR Tub” by Studio MK27’s Marcio Kogan and Mariana Ruzante, the freeform shape takes into account the location of a floor mounted faucet so that it is enclosed within the footprint of the tub for a far more unified vignette and the vertical graining on the veneer brings a warm furniture vibe to the piece that increases the Zen and Spa factors by quite a bit.

Looking down onto DR Tub showcases the potential of the bathing experience. Two can soak side-by-side, across from each other or even kitty corner and the rounded form makes for a far more comfortable position for resting your arms, no matter which “zone” you decide to relax in. Love it.


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