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Super-Compact Apartment in Madrid

Set in Spain’s most massive city, this compact apartment by the multitalented firm of Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos includes a smart combination of space-saving solutions. Most of the micro-apartment’s functional spaces are on one extreme side of its floorplan, with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and closet areas occupying less cubic volume than the smallest bathroom of a typical home. The flat isn’t just a study in minimalism, though; it’s a completely usable home for an individual or a pair. Every aspect of daily life is covered in style. Many parts of the apartment disappear in unique ways, opening up the living room. It’s a creative, fully complete space in a small wrapper.

The apartment has no fully-enclosed rooms aside from a small bathroom just off its entrance, and storage is integrated throughout. Additionally, certain elements of the diminutive space can disappear altogether, including the staircase.
Nearly every part of the flat is transformable; even the kitchen can be covered by cabinet doors to enhance the minimal and clean looks of the room.
Two small sets of stairs lead above the apartment’s main floor, first two a narrow landing and then to a shorter-than-head-height bedroom.
The loft area contains a number of storage solutions, with bedside shelving and a relatively large triple-door closet space.
By night, an individual or couple can settle into bed with a bird’s-eye view of the rest of their apartment.
The apartment includes more than twice the area of the space seen in the photo shoot, but the rest of that space is only for one purpose, serving as a sitting area.
Beriot, Bernardini Arquitectos


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