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Sunken Shower is an Advanced DIY

This sunken shower project, while not out of reach, is an advanced DIY. Designed by MAKE Architecture of Australia for a contemporary house project, it’s complicated beneath the surface. But if you pay attention to the right things and do solid work, this renovation should remake your bathroom into an urban spa and increase the value of your home. Your existing construction must be suitable for the project. You’ll need enough space beneath the bathroom floor to build down with your tub and shower. And draining water can be tricky when the drain is placed so low. Unless you are a plumber yourself, or very experienced, you will want to get some professional advice on your drainage situation before beginning a project this large. And you’ll need to think the plumbing out in advance, and it needs to be well thought out. Always take the path of least resistance with plumbing. And in plumbing, remember: less (pipe) is more. And when you’re done, you’ll have a modern urban spa in your own bathroom.

Via: designboom
Photo: Peter Bennetts


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