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Sunken Living Room with Fireplace

This awesome sunken living room with a fireplace could have been inspired by this living room nook idea, don’t you think? Except this one is attached to a modern open fireplace, which is a really great idea. It turns up the dial on coziness for sure. This Italian home in Udine was built to be modern and sustainable, which it is. But what it’s not is boring and civil – as we can admit just be examining the sunken living room. It’s usually not a common feature in homes in the sense that is displayed here. But it works well to create a sense of casual intimacy. The dark slate tile that defines the foundation of the space is beautifully contrasted by the white floors and both these enhance the vibrant choice of soft furnishings which are original designs by the interior designer herself, Patricia Urquiola. Sitting here, you can look one way and be warmed by the coziness of the fire and in the next instant, gaze the other way and you are at eye level with the greenery outside – seemingly connected to the earth. This is a great interior design idea. Oh, and of course, the space wouldn’t be complete with some big bold art. It’s a fantastic space all around.
via A&W Magazin.
image credit: Barbel Miebach Photography


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