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Stylish Remodeling of Victorian House

London based DOS Architects have done an incredible job in remodeling two Victorian terraces and transforming them into this outstanding house. This type of transformations and additions are one of their signature projects when it comes to remodeling residential Victorian buildings. This specific project, located in a leafy corner in Brooks Green, London, is no exception. The design corresponds to the owners’ vision of a bright, specious and modern home. This vision was achieved mainly by the added volume at the rear of the house. The Victorian front volume of the house was retained and a whole new volume was created at the rear, as a natural continuation of the geometry of the house. These new volumes create a smooth but exciting contrast to the existing red brick facades. The double height glass volume is the most surprising addition and it creates a soft transition between the indoors and the rear garden. The dark grey volume makes a neutral liaison between brick and glass, naturally connecting the spaces amongst them. The result is an entirely livable, comfortable and definitely stylish home.

The gracious double-height void connects the kitchen and dining area on the ground floor to the rest of the public spaces of the house, be they indoors or outdoors.
The dining table is positioned centrally in the glass void. Three custom made lamps climb down from the glass facade on rigid metal bars to illuminate it. This type of lamps, inspired from ancient street lighting, is repeated in various other places throughout the added volume.
There is more than one staircase in the houses, however all spaces are linked by a natural circulation flow. This specific staircase links the dining area to the living space upstairs, under the double glass height.
The living room space is completely open and flooded by light. It overlooks the dining area downstairs over glass balustrades. The interior design is bright and colorful, and various rugs are used as space limits. The fabric upholstered sofas are sleek but cozy looking at the same time.
Glass is the star material in the public area of the house. It creates folding doors, walls and balustrades that connect the spaces among them rather than separating them.
The glass work is a work of art and technology in itself, giving the house a totally unexpected and stylish look.


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