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Stunning Stone Art Divider Wall with Roche Bobois Salto Sofa

Open-concept designs are sought after these days. However, despite their airy and freeing atmosphere, it can be difficult to define each living space due to the wide area and endless possibilities. This design incorporates a spectacular stone art as divider wall to separate the rooms. It is nowhere near as imposing as a regular wall and offers more visual appeal through its ripple or tree ring effect. The stone divider combines the idea of wall and art into a unique mural that more than defines the perimeter of the space – it becomes the focal point and governs the overall design. The shaggy rug adds texture to the sleekness of the space, and the globular accessories provide an interesting contrast of shape and dimension. This design also includes a contemporary Salto sofa by Roche Bobois made of smooth Tendresse leather in a snow white colour. To see a short video of the sofa, click here.


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