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Stove Fireplace from Stuv – the Stuv 21

The focus is on the uncomplicated beauty of fire with this stove fireplace from Stuv. Incredibly simple, and relying on natural combustion, there is no need for a fan or an electrical connection. There is only you and your stove fireplace… and it is your choice how close you wish to be to the fire within. A retractable, lifting ‘guillotine’ glass door is fully integrated. So, with the glass door down there is a perfect view of the fire and complete safety, or if you prefer, you can slide the door up into the masonry to give the most natural open fire. Either way, this Stuv fireplace will entirely warm your room – and any extra heated air can also be channeled to an adjacent room. The Stuv 21 stove, available in a range of sizes and finishes, is a glowing achievement from Stuv.


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