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Stone Patio Furniture Idea – making stone or concrete patio cozy

Set against a wonderful, but rough stone background, this patio furniture comes into its own. An idea by Paola Lenti, the furniture is soft and welcoming, instantly transforming the cold, hard environment into an oasis of relaxation. The contrast serves to emphasise the comfort of the patio furniture… daybeds, large wicker armchairs, and even a full size sofa are all scattered with plump cushions for you to sink into. The colours chosen here have very different effects. The buff and beige complements the grey concrete and blend naturally in to create a soothing space. The rich burgundy, on the other hand, warms up the environment and adds a hint of romance and spice. Make the outdoors more livable with this and other ideas by Paola Lenti of comfortable, durable patio furniture that is at home both inside and out.


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