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Stereo H2O bath tub from MTI Whirlpools

mti whirlpools stereo H20 bathtub Stereo H2O bath tub from MTI Whirlpools
From the rhythm of the rolling sea to your favourite melody , the new Stereo H2O bath tub wraps you in strains of relaxing music. Music Therapy is an established treatment that promotes wellness and healing, relieves stress and alleviates pain. By providing these benefits in the comfort of your own home, the Stereo H2O offers a bathing experience that you’ll relish for the personal time and space it affords. The Stereo Bath features high performance acoustic transducers which transform the bath’s shell into a sounding board. This provides an even sound throughout the bath and a deep resonance you can feel. Compatible with any iPod, CD player, or audio system the Stereo H2O is a compact and discrete accessory that can be used with a wide range of bathtubs. Available from MTI Whirlpools, the Stereo H2O makes your luxurious bath into a full sensory experience with relaxing music you can hear and feel.



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