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Steel Cable Cross Bracings flank Stairwell on Home with Dock

Perched on top of hill in Kerikeri, NewZealand is a home designed by Richard Naish, founder of RTA Studio. Richard created the Home in Kerkerui to have both a ship’s vibe and an industrial aesthetic by incorporating a wide-open floor plan in the social zone that is wrapped on 3 sides by floor to ceiling glazings that take advantage of the stunning panoramic ocean vistas. Cantilevered out over the hill from the “bow” of the ship – I mean home – is a balcony just big enough for dining el fresco.

While Home in Kerkerui is bordered on one side by the see, the three remaining sides are surrounded by rolling hills of fruit trees, and the low profile of the roof on the 2 storey home means it barely “peaks” out from the tree canopies.
While the social zone overlooks the ocean, the home is large and linear in shape with most of the private areas located further back on the hill overlooking the fruit treescape rather then the water.
The Master Suite is the one private zone that overlooks the ocean. Positioned on the main level, below the social zone, the outdoor dining balcony creates a roof over the homeowners hot tub located on the Master Suite terrace.
I can’t think of a more amazing place to enjoy a soak in a hot tub before turning in for the night.
The panorama from small balcony above the hot tub is just as amazing, and while the architects framed it in with a steel balustrade, the steel is perforated to allow the views to permeate the balcony while keeping ocean breezes at bay.
While the views from the home are amazing, the ocean is not just available from a distance. A long dock travels between two rows of fruit trees before arriving at the uninterrupted sea.
The dock is supported by two pilings that rise and lower with the tide and there is space on all three sides for small boats to tie up to.
This is a location that life on the water is part of everyday life, so visitors stopping by via boat is a common occurrence.
Its quite a trek to get from the dock to the house, but the architects made sure the hike is worth every step.
The main entrance to the home is through a pair of steel studded doors. The doors are massive and impressive – I love the round knockers centred on each door.
To get to the social volume, one must travel up a flight of centrally located stairs flanked on either side by steel cross bracings. The balustrade of the stairwell is also steel with the side panels perforated to allow natural light to flood into the stairwell.
The stairs are located between the living and dining zones with the kitchen just beyond the dining area. Since the window glazings wrap 3 sides of the volume, views are available no matter which zone you are in.
The kitchen has an industrial aesthetic and features top of the line appliances encased in black cabinetry with long brushed nickel handles. A wood bar wraps the island acting as a bridge between the warm wood elements of the floor and ceiling and the cooler industrial elements of the kitchen. Visual height is created throughout this level via the awesome light fixtures above the stove and dining table as well as through the steel cable support structure flanking the stairwell.
The dining area continues the industrial chic moments with the steel bases for the glass topped table and the high backed chairs.
The living area leaves the industrial moments behind in favour of a more comfy cozy vibe complete with red leather couches for the ultimate contrast to the brilliant blues of the ocean beyond.
The living room is all about the views and the choice of cladding both the floor and the ceiling in wood lets you feel as though you are on a ship at sea with a ships Captain carefully traversing the land elements.
While the home does have a balcony at its bow, there is also an outdoor social zone off to the right, through a pair of glass doors.
The outdoor zone is accessed from the dining area and lit by a series of pots in the roof overhang. The roof overhang also offers shade to the interior zones on those extra hot summer’s days.
For those somewhat chilly summers evenings, there is an outdoor fireplace to cozy up to.
While the outdoor fireplace is a great place to warm up, the infinity pool is a great place to cool off.
The outdoor terrace is completely visible to the interior social zones via the wall of glazings, and the privacy wall that punctuates the end of the pool and terrace also offers privacy to the home itself.
The rolling hills of fruit trees supply all the privacy the home needs, but it is accessed by both a road and the dock so the privacy wall on the terrace shields the home from all the public accesses.
When its time to turn in for the evening, there is the Master Suite below the social zone as well as a guest bedroom that has its own private terrace.
The guest bedroom has its own private ensuite and a closet reminiscent of ship’s lockers – its even blue.
The guest bedroom can come in handy for those visiting by boat.
No matter how big or small that boat might be.
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