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Steam shower is your personal retreat

Today’s steam shower uses the latest innovations in faucets and plumbing. A well designed steam shower is like a fine painting. From a distance, you get an impression that evokes an aesthetic response and draws you in. As you move closer, the details begin to reveal themselves. Up close, there’s fine texture of a built-in bench and variation of tumbled travertine/marble/limestone tile, custom sealed frameless shower door made of 1/2″ glass, and custom selection of plumbing fixtures like body sprays, hand held shower and oversized rain dome showerhead looking like pieces of Jewelry to keep your interest. …It’s not only fun to watch – it’s fun to use!
With the latest technology you can personalize your shower system and create your own home spa using thermostatic control (that sets your temperature and maintains it at a constant), set of 3,6 or 9 body sprays, multiple self-cleaning shower heads (with spray options like massage, champagne, pulsating, soft), ceiling mounted 18″,16″,12″ or 8″ oversized rain dome, several volume controls to operate the system. More than simply getting you clean, today’s steam showers have become customized personal retreats to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit with the power of water and steam. And steam has a way of slowing you down, relieving your stress and promoting breathing and relaxation.


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