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Stairs with Rope Railing Look

These stairs have a railing made of rope! It’s more like a safety net, isn’t it? Nautical, whimsical and unusual – these stairs are from the Keystone House by Riley Architects. The house was designed for the architect’s sister, located in Los Angeles. There’s almost a criss-cross shoelace effect going on. But it doesn’t look busy and it works so well with the rest of the room, and the rest of the staircase. The wooden treads and risers all flow together and the wall is very plain. And don’t you love that special touch – the tie off of the rope, hanging down on the wall? And looking head-on (see bottom photo), one might not notice how unusual this staircase is. It’s subtle, it melds with the house, yet it’s one of the most unusual staircases we’ve ever seen.

Via: Contemporist
Photos: Jeff Goldberg


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