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Aluminium Panel Radiators – new vertical wall mount radiator Paxton by Aestus

Adding to its already impressive roster of luxury vertical wall mount radiators, UK-based company Aestus has introduced the new Paxton aluminium panel radiator as part of its innovative Hotech wall mounted collection. This chic flat panel radiator harmoniously blends style and heat for a truly hot home essential. The 8mm-thick aluminium panel can only be described as “art,” featuring modern cut-out shapes and patterns that add interest to this fully functional fixture. Coordinate this creative vertical radiator to suit your style with an array of colors to choose from, and high-end finishes including brushed, satin or feathered aluminium, copper and silver leaf. The Paxton home radiator outputs either 1,062 or 1,430 watts, and measures in at a height of 2,000mm, and a choice of either 600 or 800mm widths. For more details visit Aestus.


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