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11 Spaces With A Bohemian Twist

One of the biggest interior design trends of the year is adding a bohemian twist to your current décor. Bohemian décor has an easy breezy aesthetics to it yet packs a big punch due to the vivid colors used. Here are a few ways to incorporate a bohemian twist to any space in your home.


Texture can be added in multiple different ways. Whether you want to add texture with a rug or you want to add texture with a daring lamp. The options are endless when you want that laidback bohemian twist.

Texture is very important when it comes adding a bohemian twist to your décor as it is one of the main components of bohemian décor. Additionally, texture creates a sense of “well-loved” an aesthetically pleasing form of decorating. Pair with colorful Moroccan inspired décor pieces.


For an ethereal, almost whimsical appeal add draping plants around your bed. Not only will that bring a whimsical appeal but it will also add a natural touch of beauty and color. The green hues add to any colors you may already have.

Adding plants to a busy, textured space may not seem like the best idea. However, in all reality, it is a wonderful idea when you want to add that bohemian touch in small doses, without taking away from your décor.

Bench with Printed Pillows

A simple bench comes back to life when you add color and texture. Especially, when you add patterned pillows. The bohemian touch comes in with patterned colorful pillows in any room. The key is working with hues that bring an overall vivid appeal.

Bring a chic aspect to your décor by having a well laid out bench with printed pillows. A bench with printed pillows works because you are incorporating similar colors that are part of your surroundings. Doing so will bring a heavy bohemian feel that includes hues you are already working with.

Eclectic Colors

An eclectic palette brings out the most out of a space due to how versatile colors can be. Consider having a range of diverse color that play off of each other in a simple manner. Additionally, you may even want to add pattern pieces in your selected hues.

Consider using eclectic hues that tend to clash together for a brightening effect that is simple yet packs a large punch. The idea is to have the colors become the main focus of the room without taking away from the beauty of the space itself. It’s a contrasting effect that brings life back to the room.

 Earth Tones

Take your earth tones to another level by adding in pattern and displaying them on your porch. The porch is perfect for displaying a bohemian twist because it is in the open and it does allow you to work with your surroundings to great your perfect personal space.

Earth tones are signature bohemian hues. They have a classic rich aesthetics that works well with numerous different colors while still having a strong contrast between each other. Keep the rustic hues together and add vibrant natural colors in to have that complete feel.

Hammock Chair

What better way to display a bohemian feel to your space than to add a hammock chair. Hammock chairs are excellent additions to any room because of their beauty and almost whimsical feel. They provide a seamless appeal that is also fun and flirty.

We love a hippie hammock chair as part of your décor space. There is the easy breezy appeal to it while having a cool seating area that brightens the space. Consider having a hammock chair in the living room, and even in the bedroom to bring that calming effect that is bohemian and chic.

Soft colors mixed with pops of black

When most people think of bohemian decor their first thought tends to be bright colors even though this is true soft hues can work well too. This is essentially true when you work with pops of black. The black touches will bring the decor full circle and add to its beauty.

Soft colors brighten spaces because they bring personality and vitality to them. Meanwhile, when they are paired with pops of black they come back with a daring vengeance. Contemplate having these hues become the ultimate appeal between the two by creating a contrast in any room of the home.

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in numerous different hues even neutral shades. The beauty of this is you can have a bohemian inspired room without having to use any bold colors or bold patterns. Consider having a neutral palette to enlarge the size of the room.

Transform the look of any kitchen and /or room by adding a busy patterned wallpaper in bright shades of blue. The patterned wallpaper brings beauty with an extra dose of hippie. Furthermore, there is the idea that wallpaper has a traditional aesthetics to it that is quite soothing.

Skip the Sofa

Floor seating is a fun and cool way to add a bohemian twist to your living room. You may want to consider having multiple pillows and even a blanket to bring together the appeal and add to the bohemian twist.

What better way to bring a bohemian touch than to skip the sofa and create a fun fort seating area. The fort will be a cool touch that brings a unique vibe. Meanwhile, skipping the sofa will expand the space as there will be more seating space.

 Moroccan Lamps

Morrocan lamps are beautiful when you want to have a contrast of hues and patterns that gleam on your wall. The beauty of it comes from many lamps having light holes that allow the light to seep from them, bringing an enchanting twist.

Moroccan inspired lamps play a huge role in bohemian décor due to their colorful aesthetics that is perfectly paired with metallic accents. The metallic accents bring a touch of richness that can be easy to pair and work with regardless of how you have your space decorated.

Multiple different Prints

Prints are great especially when they are common prints that have similar colors. The similarity in them will bring them together without over cluttering the space. The idea is to have the room feel elaborate yet put together.

Why stick to one print when you can stick to multiple different prints at once. The key is working with patterns that fall under the same color scheme. Having the same color scheme will make them feel as if they are a part of each other. Therefore, bringing beauty and texture to all surrounding areas.

A bohemian twist could be just what your home needs to come back to life. Which of these would you want to add to your décor? Please share with us in the comments below.


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